DJ Bass Sick Party


Retro Ghetto Disco 2015

DJ Bass Sick brings the party to you! Turn your home or hired venue into your own personal nightclub with your favourite DJ. You can choose all your own songs or let DJ Bass Sick read your crowd while he smoothly mixes one song to the next. Experience music the way it was made to be with the sound system’s Bass Sick provides. Enhance your experience with his lighting and effects that are sure to impress your guests.


QSC Speaker DJ Bass Sick

DJ Bass Sick provides a range of scalable sound options for your party. Choose from wide or long throwing loudspeakers or even add subs to feel the music you are listening to. There is a perfect combo for every space and choice of music. Contact DJ Bass Sick today for free advice to create the perfect sound for your next party!


Enhance your guest’s experience with DJ Bass Sick’s range of lighting and effects that are sure to impress your guests. Your party can look amazing with both programmed ambient and active lighting to improve the aesthetic of your party. Here are just a few lighting and effects options you can look forward to when booking Bass Sick:

  • Lasers
  • Strobes
  • Moving Heads

  • Fog/Smoke
  • UV Lighting/Paint
  • Disco Balls

  • Aura’s
  • Stars
  • Waterwaves